Living foods for LIFE

Salad Initiative

"Inspiring a healthier humanity, 1 meal at a time !"



Our mission is to inspire a

healthier humanity, 1 meal at a time!

Living foods are for LIFE!


 Let us each take part in feeding our loved ones/community life sustaining foods.


Become an Ambassador and make the pledge  to share life foods at each meal and help future generations! Click here.

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 Make a pledge to live a healthier life and encourage your family long the way!

Make the pledge to accept Natures Gifts.

Natures gift is healing and it is found only in what grows and flows.

Real food is healing and nourishing to our bodies, minds, spirits, hearts and minds. Life sustaining foods are uncooked herbs , structured water, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Imagine our future generations, if they continue to consume junk! 



Today obesity is the #1 disease, yes it is a disease! Children are heavier than ever, putting stress on their organs and their future/ our future.

(Youth enjoying a meal of zucchini noodles with sun dried tomato sauce, prepared and instructed by 7 Starlight Earthfeather.)


We have made the pledge to support the first ladies initiative, LET'S MOVE, to promote healthier children.

To make the pledge click here.



Adults are no different from children, they live with the same insecurities of being over weight and health issues. Without being aware many adults feed children horrible "food" rooted in their own bad habits.


More than just being obese, all disease is caused by processed foods and congestion.




There are many books written by medical doctors which prove that eating more whole foods with detoxification will cure the body of any dis-ease.


To live a healthier life

Be positive about life

Spend time out in nature

Colon cleanse

Eat whole fruit 

Snack on natural living fruits, and seeds

Remember water, water, water and not just any water natural spring, structured alkaline water is best. Fruits have a large structured water content. Stay hydrated.

For more info on water and natural healing therapies  visit

Enjoy a large salad filled with spinach, peppers, onions, broccoli and or what ever variety you like most.

Any salad can be an enjoyable experience, if sauced right!

It is all about the sauce, research on the internet "raw vegan salad dressings", and let you creativity flow. You can see some creative salad ideas click, here .


Tips for Salad success

Carry snacks with you

Begin by making 1/2 of your food living

What ever you are craving search for a raw alternative and get creative in the kitchen

Find a supportive circle and share your trials and triumphs

Believe that you can do it and let nothing break your desire for wellness

If fall for a craving do not think that is the end, tomorrow is always new

A word from the founder 7

7 Starlight Earthfeather, author oF, "WoW! That's RAW!"



" My journey of wellness inspires me to share the basic truths of life, which will led my brothers and sisters of humanity, into the healthier lives they deserve! Vegetables, nuts, seeds, water and fruits  are created by our earth for our nourishment and healing, they are natures gifts. With the ingestion of fast and processed foods humanity suffers. Suffering leads "hopeless" humanity to the pharmaceutical industry, which further destroys the body, and there-by the mind."


" This life is to be in-joyed. Joy is balance, flowing through the mind, body and reflecting in the world. It all begins within."


 Please become a member of our site and share your journey of wellness with us and others.

Let us inspire, support and encourage one another to LIVE!

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